Winter Classes

The Inside World: Clay Sculpture and Songwriting/strong>

Thursdays, 12/8, 12/15, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16 ~ 3:30-5:00pm ~ ages 6-11 (some exceptions)

with Beacon Craft Workshop and with the Heartstrings Kids

Tuition $300

This 8-week class incorporates clay sculpture and songwriting with a mindful approach.

We will explore our dreams, our stories, and what fills our hearts. During the first two weeks we'll focus on the season's festivals of light and how the darkest season brings out the light within us. We will design objects that illuminate! Think: menorahs, framed mirrors, lanterns, and candlesticks. In doing so, students develop clay hand-building skills like wedging, slab rolling, coiling, cutting from templates, and joining pieces together.

Then, when we return in January, we will study both sculpture and songs to inspire our own expressions of self. Once the clay component of this journey is underway, Luke Wygodny of the Heartstrings Project and the Heartstrings Kids will join in for the final five sessions.

Students will have time to continue their clay work, while also writing songs! With Luke, they will make melodies, create cool rhythms, and connect heart and mind. Luke of the Heartstrings Kids creates a safe and supportive microcosm for each individual to access the magic of their imagination through the power of mindful music making.

Everyone will receive their own Heartstrings Songwriting Journal; the perfect place to privately express their emotional state & individuality through words, drawings, or any expression that helps them tap into their limitless creative potential. As a collective, we will unpack this original material & bring it to life!

Our songwriting toolbox includes:
mindfulness techniques
free writing
singing/pitch recognition
lyric writing/storytelling
melodic structure/chord progressions
counting games
popular music appreciation
confidence building

This class will be held outdoors (indoors in case of inclement weather) at Ilana’s home near the Sargent School.